Welcome to the complete repair solution.

Gadget Repair is here for all your repair needs. From video game consoles and computers to smartphones and personal devices.  Business networking and contract repairs to on site training.  We do more than the rest to help our customers get going again.









Some of our popular services include:

  • Repair - Device repair for game consoles, computers, smartphones
  • Refurbish - Make your device look new again, sparkling.
  • Replace - Lose or damaged beyond repair? We stock refurbished devices.
  • Reflow - Reflowing is a process to help resolder the connections that may have broken.
  • Water Damage - Disassemble and clean entire unit checking for damage. Sometimes a good drying is what they need. Don't turn them on after they get wet though.



Gadget Repair LLC was just named a top three repair solution for Metro Detroit. Click on the ribbon below for more informaiton.


Computer Repair Services, Detroit, MI